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Air Propeller Blades Substitution Procedure

  1. Flange Removal
  • Unscrew the bolts
  • Remove the flange

  2. Blades Removal
  • Turn the propeller on the opposite side
  • Using a punch, hit in the hole situated near the blade root in order to slide it out
  • If the holes are not present, use a piece of wood and hit near the blades root in order to slide it out.

  • Make the same operation for all the blades

  3. New Blades Preparation
  • Put the new blade in the correct position without forcing
  • The blade root must be on the same plane of the hub
  • If the blade root plane is a different respect to the hub plane, remove the blade and check the contact points (some polishing on the root)
  • Sand the contact point with sanding paper P24
  • Repeat the above operations in order to find the correct blade position

  • Number the blade roots and the corresponding hub slots
  4. Blades and Hub Slots Preparation
  • Clean the slots with acetone
  • Spread some grease on the external parts of the hub slots
  • Put a mold release film inside the hub slots
  • Spread some grease on the external sides of the blade root
  5. Filling Mixture Preparation
  • Mix the catalyst (VANTICO HY 2404) with the base (VANTICO RENGEL SW 404) using a weight ratio of 1:10 (25:250 g for 5 blades)
  • The best room temperature for the application is 20° C. If the room temperature is higher (around 30° C) the application time is reduced
  6. Mixture Application and Blades Fixing Procedure
  • Apply the mixture on the hub slot
  • Apply the mixture on the blade root
  • Put the blade root in the hub slot (using the correct numbering)
  • Hit the blade root in order to achieve the correct position
  • Remove the mixture from the upper part of the hub
  • Repeat the above operation for all the blades
  • Fix the flange by the bolts

  • After 30 minutes, remove the filling mixture excess with a chisel
  • The propeller will be ready after a curing time of 24 hours
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